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We've learned, in our short time in the goat business, that you
 are constantly in need of medications, first aid treatments, etc.,
for your little hooved friends.....   Therefore, with the gracious
  permission of Robin Walters, we are providing a link to her Bar
   None Meat Goats web page which shows the essentials for your 
goat first aid kit / medicine chest.  Click the link below:

The Medicine Chest / First Aid Kit

Play the "Goat Game" - Catch the Leaves - Click Here

Comparison of Goat Meat to Other Meats

3 oz Cooked
Fat  (g) Saturated Fat
Goat 1 122 2.58 .79 23 3.2
Beef 2 245 16 6.8 23 2.9
Pork 2 310 24 8.7 21 2.7
Lamb 2 235 16 7.3 22 1.4
Chicken 2 120 3.5 1.1 21 1.5

   1  USDA Handbook #8, 1989
   2  Nutritive Value of Foods, Home and Garden Bulletin Number 72, USDA, Washington, D.C.,
       US Government Printing Office, 1981

Facts About Goats From the Bible

Food, Shelter, and Clothing - All from the goat!

In Biblical times the goat was probably the most prized animal of all cattle, especially in the rocky hills of Judea, where vegetation was scarce - the goat could thrive in sparse areas like this, where other animals would fail!  As a very important item in the people's economy, the goat's hair was spun into fabrics for clothing and woven into sturdy strips to make tents in which they lived.  The durable goatskin made a fine leather, indeed, the famed leather of Morocco, to this day, is made of goatskin!  And for food - goat's milk, soured and cool, was always the kind of luxury one offered to honored guests, in fact, it still is!  Milking a goat was always done directly from the rear and this method is still used in Asia Minor and North Africa today...

When the patriarchs, such as Abraham and Jacob, spoke of the fatness of their herds, although they also had sheep, camels, and asses, you can be sure their herds numbered many more goats than any other animal!

(taken from "Facts about the Bible" by John Lehti)

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