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Our Does

J&C Ranch Diamante's "Aimee"

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J&C Ranch "Ashley"
7/8 Boer
DOB: 1/20/05
Sire: J&C Ranch "Super Gordon"
Dam: J&C Ranch "Dharma Sue"
Ashley is Dharma Sue's baby girl.
Isn't she a beauty?

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J&C Ranch Lady "Dharma Sue"
75% Boer
DOB: 06/20/00 - 5/11/07
Sire: AGBG Gateridge Dawson
Dam: 044 Starlet
Dharma Sue is Cyndi's Favorite.

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Dharma Sue's Pedigree

I love this picture...this is Dharma Sue and one of our Miniature Dachshunds, Midnight.  Dharma and her twin brother Buddy were close to a month premature.  No one, including the vet thought they would survive.  I worked very hard to keep them alive.  Both Dharma and Buddy lived their first month of life inside our house, due to lack of lung development.  Everyone in our family including Midnight, took turns babysitting.


I lost Dharma Sue on 5/11/07 during a pregnancy.  She was trying to have the kids early and suffering with ketosis. I was giving her all types of home recipes to keep her going for a  few  more  days  so her kids would have a chance.  She died in her sleep in the early morning hours of 5/11/07.  A piece of me died with her that day.  I have lost goats before, and understand that this is part of the business, but Dharma Sue was special and will remain in my heart and I will tear up every time her name is mentioned.  I will be reminded of her every time I look out my window and see her missing from our group of goats.  I really miss her.


This is the last picture taken of Dharma

Our Pet Wethers

J&C Ranch "Buddy"
75% Boer
06/20/00 - 02/11/10
Sire: AGBG Gateridge Dawson
Dam: 044 Starlet
Buddy was Dharma Sue's brother.
He was a sweetie, just like his sister.


J&C Ranch "Greg"
15/16 Boer
DOB: 07/07/00 - 02/12/14
Sire: AGBG Gateridge Dawson
Dam: Louise
Greg's dam rejected him so he became a
bottle baby along with Dharma Sue and Buddy.



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