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1997 - 2003


Rosko (Koko) passed away on 3/27/03 --- He was a gentle giant.
We still miss him.

This is Rosko (we called him Koko).  He was a son of Mojo Magic, who has some very impressive ancestors.  Mojo's dam is a daughter of 07, whose sire is Koos.  Mojo's sire, Tyre, is a full brother to Noster.  07 also sired 007.  Koko's dam is sired by JR or J.C. Schulz breeding.  Koko was born 4/27/97.  We were excited to purchase him from "Crown C Boer Goats" on 11/1/01.  Koko produced some wonderful kids for us, and passed on his great genetics to them.  Before Rosko (Koko) passed away he gave us two sons, that we are using to continue on with these genetics.



Sire: SCS Pistolero's "Stryder"
Dam: Taurus's "Taura"
"A Pistolero's grandson."


We used "Tau" to breed with our does.  We have some beautiful kids from him that we will be selling in June "2007".  We got "Tau" from Coy and Sandy Stovall when he was weaned.  He has both black and red color in his pedigree.  We got some beautiful color combinations with the kids.

Tau's Pedigree

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J&C Ranch "Super Gordon"
DOB: 12/09/02
Sire: Rosko ( Koko)
Dam: Crown C Super Sensation


Super Gordon is Crown C Rosko's (Koko's) son, who is a Mojo Magic son.  He is taking after his papa like gang busters!  Koko really passed on his genetics to this buck.  Super Gordon's dam is "Crown C Super Sensation" (Sendi).  Sendi has an excellent pedigree of her own.  Names including Crown C Tahbo, Rosko, Mojo Magic, Shaka Zulu, Nico Botha, Superman's 123, Superman-38, and the list goes on.  We are looking forward to seeing more of "Rosko's" bloodline in our herd.  We are very impressed with "Super Gordon" and look forward to watching him mature.

Gordon's Pedigree

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J&C Ranch "Super Gordon"
in his working clothes.


J&C Ranch "Rosko's Magic"
DOB: 03/13/03
Sire: Rosko (KoKo)
Dam: Sir Darwin's Cleopatra


Rosko's Magic is Crown C Rosko's (Koko's) son, who is a Mojo Magic son.  He is taking after his papa like gang busters too!  Koko really passed on his genetics to Magic. 
Magic's Dam is "Sir Darwin's Cleopatra" who is a Crown C Ranch Tahbo daughter.


ACR Tarzan's Diamante
DOB: 3/13/03
Sire: Tarzan T66
Dam: Constance


Tarzan's Diamante comes from Antelope Creek in Robert Lee, TX.  His sire is the famous "Tarzan T66" also owned by Antelope Creek.  Sire: Tarzan T66, South African 946/7, South African 946/29, Stallion, South African 665/Vrystaat. Dam: AF Constance, Rembrandt, Johaan, BTC H46.




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